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Vitamin B Complex


Enhances memory, concentration, judgment, learning capacity and prevents mental deterioration. Helps maintain health of the nerves – anti-stress. Plays important role in healthy sex hormones and fertility. Necessary for healthy sleep patterns. Converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy. Enhances stamina. Helps in fighting infections. Alleviates eye fatigue, helps

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Vitamin C


This antioxidant protects against the harmful effects of pollution, helps to prevent cancer, protects against infection and enhances immunity. May reduce levels of “bad cholesterol” while increasing levels of “good cholesterol.” Protects against bruising. Promotes the healing of wounds and burns. Helps maintain growth of teeth,

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Vitamin D


Supports bone and tooth formation, muscle function, and thyroid gland function. Necessary for the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. Especially important for the growth and development of bones and teeth in children. Involved in regulation of the heartbeat. Important in the prevention and treatment of

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Vitamin E


An antioxidant that is important in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Retards aging. Improves circulation. Necessary for tissue repair. Aids in prevention of PMS. Reduces scarring from wounds. Reduces blood pressure. Aids in preventing cataracts. Promotes healthy skin and hair. Protects against approximately eighty (80) diseases. Long-term

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Converts the air we breathe into something usable by the body. Supports bone growth and strengthening of the teeth.

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Is needed for blood clotting, tooth formation, cell growth and repair, contraction of the heart muscle, normal heart rhythm, and kidney function. Assists the body in utilization of vitamins and the conversion of food to energy.

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Used for bone formation. Supports the skin, hair, nails, blood vessels and connective tissue. Needed to maintain flexible arteries. Plays a major role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Important in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. Stimulates the immune system and inhibits the aging process in tissues.

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Needed for bone and tooth formation, blood clotting, heart rhythm, nerve transmission, muscle growth and contraction. Deficiency can result in muscle cramps, irritability, insomnia and osteoporosis – bones lose their normal density and strength.

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Helps to maintain proper blood sugar levels and healthy functioning of the circulatory system.

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Needed for bone formation, hair and skin color, healing processes, red blood cell production, mental and emotional processes. Deficiency can result in anemia, inflammation and arthritis.

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